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August 07, 2008


cheap ed hardy

Now the basement of my new house is still filled with crap, and probably will be forever! I can't get my husband to get rid of anything!!!


I love this monkey set too. And there are many days I feel like that monkey...about to get hit in the head with the coconut! LOL. Cute card. Great coloring.



best of luck on selling the house - at least you're doing it right, getting rid of stuff that is. When we moved, we just boxed everything up. Now the basement of my new house is still filled with crap, and probably will be forever! I can't get my husband to get rid of anything!!!

Nancy Grant

Very fun! I love your CDS monkey card!!!



I almost bought both of these sets, I am wishing I had. Great card!! You will be in my prayers:o)

Denise ~ Paper Ponderings

Hi Kendra,
Still hoping to find the blog candy from February in my mail box. Glad you're feeling better.

laurie wilson

So cute Kendra! Glad you're settling down!

Bonnie Sharp

Oooooo, VERY cute Kendra! Out with the old CRAP- in with the new!! :)

Lisa Beaudry

Moving is fun isn't it! Get rid of the crap and make room for new! :)
Love the card!

Jen Ofiana

Glad you're back Kendra!! That card is adorable! I so need to get that set!

Taylor Van Bruggen

This is soooo cute!!! Makes me want to be somewhere tropical....

Glad to hear you are settling down a bit...keep up the great work with moving, the end is in sight! =)


Glad to hear your spirits are lifted! Love the new photo!
My family teases us because we have moved pretty much every 2 years since we married 20 years ago...we just tell them..."Teepee full of crapt...time to move" LOL!!! We have been in this home right at two years.....hmmmmmmm It is getting full! Have a great day!

Mari Pearson

Kendra, I've been checking every now and again. So glad you're back love the new photo. Keep up the good work. Mari

Joyce B

Kendra, glad to see ya back. Love the photo.
This card is too, too cute. I have a thing for the monkeys as it is and this one's adorable.
You've got a whole big world out there to enjoy.


Christina Fischer

Yay! Glad you're back! This card is way too cute! Love your sassy new photo, too! :)

jules p

oh girl I hear ya! I am cleaning-just got a "clean and get rid of all this crapt" mood. And it is eating my lunch. I did not realize (too) that I had this much stuff.

I love the coconut card. Very cute!

Tammy Hershberger

Adorable card, Kendra! Sending you cyber-hugs! Keep smiling!


Your card is so cute!! So happy to see you back, and smiling!! Your new photo is so CUTE!!

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