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May 31, 2008


Dawn Easton

Oh my cute are these ATC cards!!! Fabulous


what an awesome ATC, wow the work in the punchouts alone!

Christina Fischer

omg -- this is so great!!!!! Love the giant lotus blossom!


Hi Kendra, these ATC's are adorable! I love the giant lotus blossom! I am not sure how serene I could be if I knew I had a giant lotus blossom about to eat me. Thank goodness she is in a state a bliss and has yet to notice! The giant lotus blossom out of oval punches is genius! (I am in awe of how you and the other bloggers come up with these ideas!) An ATC question for you. I have only made one set of ATC's so am far from an expert. I know size is really the key to making the ATC. I didn't know that you could go outside the confines of the card, but obviously that must be the case. So in making ATC's, the base only must be the 2" x 3" (or whatever) size?


Gorgeous ATC!! I hope you had fun at the movies!!!


very serene Kendra, I can't believe you punched and cut out all those!

Jody Morrow

That is SO SO cute!


This is great! I think it's the best use of this set I've seen. I really love that double knot/bow you have - and would really like to know how you did it!


Kendra, Fabulous ATCs...and your cards as of late are grand! Still no blog candy has reached my mailbox...from February win.

Michelle (MilwaukeeMommy)

Kendra!! These ATC's are so adorable ~~ looks like they took *forever* with all the cutting out!! How do you find the time in your busy life??? And dinner & a movie!! What time should I be there??? :)

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