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April 28, 2008


Brooke S

Love the "Cool Caribbean" too. I will cry when the current in-color are retired..... I want them to stay for ever. Are you enjoying the your new Typepad address? Is it easier to use than Blogger? I need more posting space to work with!!!

Rose Ann

Such pretty colors, and I love that image! Love your card!!

Lacey Stephens

Kendra, I love your designs...always so beautiful. I also love the way you make your knots. I made a card this weekend using a similar knot and posted it on my blog. I hope you like it.


Awesome card, Kendra!! I sooo LOVE that color as well. I think I have 2 packs left, lol. Keep up the great, talented work!!


This card is awesome. Your coloring is awesome!! I just ordered a set of copics and cannot wait to get them!!!

Leslie Miller

I love this topiarty stamp! Cool Caribbean is one I stocked up on, too. Can't wait for the new colors soon--I guess there are some cool new blues. I sure do love your card and color combo!


Great card! I love the colors you used !!!

christina fischer

Oh my gosh, Kendra -- this is gorgeous! What a fantastic color combo! I sooo wish I was going to Arlington -- maybe next year!! :)


This is a gorgeous card!! I love the color combo!!

emilymomto3boys *know* how much I love my cool carribbean....but girl - it's totally retired, lol! And don't waste it on a swap!! save it to hoard for yourself~! is that wrong?


Really like this card---I have no Cool Caribbean---what was I thinking?? :)

Abra Leah

I'm down to my last 2 packages and it just breaks my heart!!


These colors are very pretty together.

Mauna Kirkham

Monday's are not my favorite!!! It's back to the job. Love your card though and the topiary stamp! Great job


Oh I hate Monday's too, It is IRONING day ICK!!! Usually 20 things to iron. I wish it was polyester days again! LOL!!

Cute card!


what a great color combo,love this card.

Becky G

Mondays are actually good for me! The kids go back to school and hubby goes back to work and it's my self appointed day off!

I love your card and can't wait to see what you made for the swap! Your stuff always rocks!I'm going to the Arlington swap too!

My mantra for the week! Hurry Friday, hurry Friday!


i hate mondays too. even tho my monday is actually sunday. i dislike BOTH sunday and monday. however, I LOVE COOL CARRIBEAN! LOL! that makes this monday a little better... tfs!

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